In your objective is to defeat other players in a snowball fight. But this is no ordinary outside winter activity we're taking about, this is more of an extreme sport in extreme conditions. You drive a vehicle on a small island covered with snow. At any moment you can start accumulating a giant ball of snow in front of you. With that ball you can attack your enemies by either throwing it or bumping into them. If you get knocked off the level, you lose, but if you push someone else out, you get points for it.

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Driving in is self-explanatory: just move in the direction of your choosing and maneuver your way around the stage. Create a ball for as long as you like (it grows in size accumulating more snow) and release it when you feel it's big enough to cover the area of your attack. Try to hit your rivals to push them off the island and be careful not to get hit yourself!

Play unblocked if you're into casual arcade driving and fun multiplayer battles. Get the best of your opponents by creating giant snowballs and throwing them all around while avoiding hostile projectiles. Master the controls to see your name at the top of the leader boards! This game is fun, dynamic and challenging. Good luck!

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